IndoMaori – Whats this all about… Tuesday, Apr 13 2010 

Gisborne – 13th of April 2010

by Hugh Lynn


The idea of this blog came from the fact that I’m a Maori from east coast of New Zealand in Gisborne area. With tribal affiliation to Mahaki, Te Whanau a Kai, Rongowhakaata. I also Whakapapa into Ngati Porou.

This journey in being Maori to find out who I am. I have found very interesting and I’m continuing to learn and I’m thank full for that. That make each day much more interesting.

During my life I have been interest with other indigenous people and the way they see the world. I have been fortune to work with other tribal people and every time I do this I learn something.

Now, this blog isn’t a scientific PhD a lot of figures. Its about two separate indigenous people joining in marriage.

Yanti Herawati Lynn

My wife, Yanti Herawati  who is Indonesian born in Ambon (spice island), then move to Surabaya and ended up in Jakarta where we met and later got married.

This is a story about what happen after that. Her view of living with Maori and my view of living with Indonesian. That is why this site called IndoMaori.

Later, as different member of family travel to New Zealand and their reaction/story.

Today is the anniversary, eight years now and this interaction of IndoMaori has continued.


I’m sure there are other Maori who have joint together with Indonesian in marriage or have develop friendship or vise versa. And maybe they would like to add their story to this blog.

By the way, my marriage included one small smelly little child called Rafael who has brought up in Jakarta. Who came to live in New Zealand with us and he can tell his story living with the Maori.

So finally I started writing some words for this blog.


More IT_Aroa info Wednesday, Oct 2 2013 

My profile Page for IT_Aroa 2013:

Kids grow up quickly Wednesday, Oct 2 2013 

“Turn that music down Rafael!” I say, as I find myself walking toward his room the music is so loud you could here it four blocks away… It’s been interesting watching my son begin to become more involved with music. First it was the computer, then a mixer, then some speakers, then there’s the music…


He’s spent a lot of time focused on getting it right, and in the early stages I thought “Oh no, what’s going on here?!” and often he would come to me and offer if I wanted to listen to his newest creation, mix, or track. And I would often accept, but the music sounded like pre-historic animals, growling and snarling. After some time, his reputation built and he started to work as a DJ at parties. And one day he asked if I would listen to his track that he’d been working on, I first thought “Not this rubbish again…”

However, as the music unfolded, this beautiful feeling blossomed inside of me… Something had changed in the way that he was expressing himself musically. The dinosaurs had evaporated, there was a beauty in the music, a confidence. I felt myself wanting to get up and dance!! By now, I’d realized he had broken through, crossed some barriers I would say. Since then, Rafael has been receiving some paid gigs


and thus on the road to becoming more professional, the audience have been giving some really positive feedback about him. He’s also developed a following on YouTube, through the music videos he does. here’s the link to his site:

IT_Aroa Conference Monday, Sep 30 2013 

This is more about a Maori initiative; although we are making inquiries inside Indonesia to see if there is any interest from IT people possibly attending this conference. I would be interested in your feed back in regard to the website for this IT_Aroa conference.

– Hugh

Here is the website for Itaroa:


Negotiations on hold Tuesday, Jun 28 2011 

Monday, June 20, 2011 • Alice Te Puni

MAHAKI cluster Treaty negotiations have been suspended until an urgent Waitangi Tribunal hearing into the forest claim of Mangatu Incorporation is heard.

Mahaki cluster and Rongo-whakaata lead negotiator Willie Te Aho said the urgent hearing would stall the Mahaki Treaty settlement for a further 13 months and allocation would not be achieved before July 2013.

While the joint deed of settlement signing planned to be in front of the wharenui Te Hau ki Turanga at Te Papa Museum next Tuesday is no longer possible for the cluster, Rongowhakaata may still forge ahead. But this depends on decisions made at hui tonight and tomorrow.

The scheduled joint Mahaki cluster and Rongowhakaata signing would have been the next step in a journey to right the injustices of Treaty breaches suffered by the Te Aitanga a Mahaki, (Gisborne to Matawai), Te Whanau a Kai (Patutahi and Waituhi) and Nga Ariki Kaiputahi (Mangatu) cluster and Rongowhakaata (Manutuke).

The Mahaki cluster officially known as Te Aitanga a Mahaki and Affiliates (TAMA) has a $46 million package including $31 million in cash. However, further compensation opportunities might be the findings from the Mangatu Incorporation’s urgent Tribunal hearing.

Mr Te Aho said the Turanga iwi he represents was disappointed because collaboration efforts to bring about a joint deed of settlement, joint initialling of the deed of settlement and joint property entity, and having the settlement legislated this year with allocation planned for next year, was no longer viable.

Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations minister Chris Finlayson was also disappointed “to pause negotiations at this late stage”.

The Supreme Court had directed the Waitangi Tribunal to “urgently hear” an application by Alan Haronga and Mangatu Crown Forest Land, which was formerly part of the Mangatu No. 1 Block, he said.

“Pausing negotiations is necessary, as the Crown is not prepared to negotiate the settlement of historical claims while redress for those claims is simultaneously pursued through the courts or the Waitangi Tribunal.

“The Crown is not prepared to negotiate a non-comprehensive settlement by excluding claims over Mangatu No. 1 block.”

The land block is about 25 percent of the total Mangatu State forest, which is valued at $2.25 million based on the total value of the forest — $9 million.

Mr Haronga, the Mangatu Blocks chairman, has tried a number of times over the years to have the forest block issues addressed.

Mr Te Aho said the focus for the Mahaki cluster now was confirming its post settlement Governance entity — the Te Aitanga a Mahaki Settlement Trust — and internal allocations for separate administration, particularly to Te Whanau a Kai and Nga Ariki Kaiputahi.

The Mahaki cluster is still considering its legal approach to the hearing, he said.

“It is likely that at least two of our claimant groups Nga Ariki Kaiputahi and Te Whanau a Kai will want to be heard with Mangatu Inc.”

One critical issue the Mahaki cluster is considering is whether or not the scope of the hearing should be broadened to cover the entire Mangatu forest and whether or not TAMA should seek the return of all the State Owned Enterprise lands, including Landcorp farms, lands with resumption (automatic return) memorials like the Emerald, the former post office building, railway and other properties.

A rough estimation of the value of State Owned Enterprise lands including Landcorp farms is approximately $25m.

“The pros and cons and future strategies will also be discussed at Rongowhakaata hui tonight and tomorrow but it is likely that both Rongowhakaata and Te Aitanga a Mahaki and Affiliates will seek the return of all Crown Forest Land lands and all SOEs lands plus compensation for prejudices suffered,” said Mr Te Aho.

• Both the Mahaki cluster and Rongowhakaata have until Friday to file submissions to the Waitangi Tribunal.

IndoMaori Working Together Sunday, May 2 2010 


What I have notice is that Indonesian living with Maori feel really comfortable with each other. I know my people really like Murianti and that once have met Riza have the same feeling.


At the moment one of the people who has form a family type feeling is Marcus family Nga Ariki Kaiputahi. Marcus and I have been interacting for some six year now. Looking at of interesting ideas and now Riza has joint us in very-very exciting idea that has hugh potential.

So now IndoMaori starting to work each other. Living together is one thing but when different indigenous races start to communicating about trading/business ideas together. I get the feeling a sense of excitement about the possibility about this idea. In the past this idea was happening all over the pacific. Trading with each other, it’s in our blood.

Being back home in Turanganui I realize what a wonderful place this is. Of course my people knew that we have been here for some eight hundred years but in fact I have two homes know. The other one is in Rungan Sari, Kalimantan (Borneo).

Indonesian Maori work together

Oo I can’t forget Jakarta, I have a place there to sleep there as well.