Gisborne – 13th of April 2010

by Hugh Lynn


The idea of this blog came from the fact that I’m a Maori from east coast of New Zealand in Gisborne area. With tribal affiliation to Mahaki, Te Whanau a Kai, Rongowhakaata. I also Whakapapa into Ngati Porou.

This journey in being Maori to find out who I am. I have found very interesting and I’m continuing to learn and I’m thank full for that. That make each day much more interesting.

During my life I have been interest with other indigenous people and the way they see the world. I have been fortune to work with other tribal people and every time I do this I learn something.

Now, this blog isn’t a scientific PhD a lot of figures. Its about two separate indigenous people joining in marriage.

Yanti Herawati Lynn

My wife, Yanti Herawati  who is Indonesian born in Ambon (spice island), then move to Surabaya and ended up in Jakarta where we met and later got married.

This is a story about what happen after that. Her view of living with Maori and my view of living with Indonesian. That is why this site called IndoMaori.

Later, as different member of family travel to New Zealand and their reaction/story.

Today is the anniversary, eight years now and this interaction of IndoMaori has continued.


I’m sure there are other Maori who have joint together with Indonesian in marriage or have develop friendship or vise versa. And maybe they would like to add their story to this blog.

By the way, my marriage included one small smelly little child called Rafael who has brought up in Jakarta. Who came to live in New Zealand with us and he can tell his story living with the Maori.

So finally I started writing some words for this blog.