“Turn that music down Rafael!” I say, as I find myself walking toward his room the music is so loud you could here it four blocks away… It’s been interesting watching my son begin to become more involved with music. First it was the computer, then a mixer, then some speakers, then there’s the music…


He’s spent a lot of time focused on getting it right, and in the early stages I thought “Oh no, what’s going on here?!” and often he would come to me and offer if I wanted to listen to his newest creation, mix, or track. And I would often accept, but the music sounded like pre-historic animals, growling and snarling. After some time, his reputation built and he started to work as a DJ at parties. And one day he asked if I would listen to his track that he’d been working on, I first thought “Not this rubbish again…”

However, as the music unfolded, this beautiful feeling blossomed inside of me… Something had changed in the way that he was expressing himself musically. The dinosaurs had evaporated, there was a beauty in the music, a confidence. I felt myself wanting to get up and dance!! By now, I’d realized he had broken through, crossed some barriers I would say. Since then, Rafael has been receiving some paid gigs


and thus on the road to becoming more professional, the audience have been giving some really positive feedback about him. He’s also developed a following on YouTube, through the music videos he does. here’s the link to his site: http://www.youtube.com/user/EazenStride