What I have notice is that Indonesian living with Maori feel really comfortable with each other. I know my people really like Murianti and that once have met Riza have the same feeling.


At the moment one of the people who has form a family type feeling is Marcus family Nga Ariki Kaiputahi. Marcus and I have been interacting for some six year now. Looking at of interesting ideas and now Riza has joint us in very-very exciting idea that has hugh potential.

So now IndoMaori starting to work each other. Living together is one thing but when different indigenous races start to communicating about trading/business ideas together. I get the feeling a sense of excitement about the possibility about this idea. In the past this idea was happening all over the pacific. Trading with each other, it’s in our blood.

Being back home in Turanganui I realize what a wonderful place this is. Of course my people knew that we have been here for some eight hundred years but in fact I have two homes know. The other one is in Rungan Sari, Kalimantan (Borneo).

Indonesian Maori work together

Oo I can’t forget Jakarta, I have a place there to sleep there as well.